The “How to Get into a PhD Program” Workshop

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Walking around a university campus in Beijing the other day, I came across this advertisement.

Let me do my best to translate…

Tiandao Workshop.
Future Academic Elite Plan
The fast track to full scholarship PhD applications

Open training course
Real experience of the full stipend PhD process
One on one training + polishing from a foreign teacher,
the solution to confusing applications
Elite group of returning PhD’s, will provide you with real-life DIY experience

Six elite courses, and also interview counseling
Audience: 2014 top rated PhD applicants
Starting time: May 2013 boutique class, July 2013 summer vacation class
Register before April 15 and enjoy a discount of up to 3000 RMB

For more information, check out Tian Dao Study Abroad’s official website. You can also search for our official WeChat page.

Now, let’s introduce the “prominent alumni” shown at the bottom of the poster.

Student Wang, Harvard University, Biomedical PhD, Zhongshan University, Biology BA

Student Han, Harvard University, Statistics PhD, Qinghua University, Natural Sciences BA

Student Chang, Princeton University, Computer PhD, Qinghua University BA

Student Xing, Univesity of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Botany PhD, Beijing University, Biology BA

Student Feng, Texas A&M University, Engineering PhD, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Engineering BA

Student Song, UC Santa Barbara Chemical Engineering PhD, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering BA

Student Su: UCLA Psychology PhD, Beijing University Psychology BA

When I first stepped off the boat in China in 2004, the national obsession was learning English.  Increasingly it appears that English proficiency is a given, and that a foreign degree, particularly a PhD from an elite university in the United States, is becoming the new gold standard.  For pricing perspective on the workshop, the *discount* they are offering of 3000 RMB is equal to about $480 USD off of the full price, which is not listed.  If the cost of this event is any indication, maybe there is indeed a bright future for American PhD’s in the consulting business.


  1. Teya United States said,

    April 18, 2013 at 10:54 am

    Thanks! This is actually in line with my research interest in International Student Mobility of Chinese Students.

  2. Matt Miles China said,

    April 30, 2013 at 4:19 am

    Thought it a bit strange how the word polish suddenly appeared.

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