Ben’s going to Canada!

Posted in Announcements, Travel Log (N. America & Europe) at 9:51 am by Benjamin Ross

Firstly, my apologies to readers for the dearth of posts in recent weeks.  I assure you that the blog is not dying a slow death, but rather has just been temporarily neglected.  But the big news is….I’m going to Canada!  School doesn’t start until late September and with a wedding on August 28 in Boston, I extended the trip into another North American adventure.  On August 14 I fly to Toronto, then travel over land to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, back to Montreal, to New York, and finally to Boston.  The working focus for this trip will urbanism and public transportation infrastructure in Eastern Canada, Canadian Chinatowns, and francophone culture in North America.  Like the last trip, I plan to take a lot of pictures and do a lot of blogging, with in-depth write-ups once I get back to Chicago. As my knowledge of the region is rather limited, please feel free to leave any travel suggestions in the comment section. More to come in weeks ahead.

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